A new year, new stuff

It’s 2017!

In January, I’ll be teaching user research techniques in a 2-day workshop for the first ┬ácohort at Center Centre. I’m excited to meet the students and to deliver this material in a span of time that will give everyone a chance to practice.

In February, I’ll be giving a workshop on designing for delight at Webstock with Jared Spool. This will be in delightful New Zealand.

In March, it looks like I’ll start┬áteaching a course on designing government at the Harvard Kennedy School.

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Hi Dana,
I am manager of industrial design and user experience for our division of consumer healthcare products. I am interested in learning new tools and methodologies for ethnographic research to enhance our user experience and continue to innovate in our category. Could you please inform me if of any workshops in the future. Thanks !

Elana Lopez

Elana, you might be interested in a great conference that UIE puts on. You can see the program here: https://ui.uie.com/?s=sb Marc Stickdorn’s workshop might be especially interesting to you.